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Baking Soda in my Coffee

I like a cup of tea first thing each day, and more or less alternate tea and coffee after that.
And most of my life (being British) I’ve had milk in both drinks.
One difference was that at cafes and restaurants, I usually had an Americano, black, as a change from the instant Nescafe I usually had at home.
So how to go without dairy?

For my morning tea (breakfast tea), I either have it black, or with soy milk. The latter’s not as nice as with (2%) milk but it’s a good substitute.
For coffee, I’ve got into the habit of using a Nespresso machine. I use ‘Vivalto Lungo’ and fill an 8-ounce mug, which for me is just about the same as an Americano.
However, I don’t like instant coffee so much when it’s black, and here I hit a problem. When I put soy milk into coffee, it curdled. So I tried Oat milk, and I can’t recall what else, but they all curdled.
On the web, many others have reported on this, but I came across one blog suggesting that it was because coffee is acidic. His/her remedy was to add a pinch of baking soda (aka. bicarbonate of soda), before adding the soy.
And it works! So, I have a little pot of baking soda now by the tea/coffee area, and use it whenever I make coffee and want soy in it. So far, after dozens of coffees, the method hasn’t failed.

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