Staying Healthy

As we get into the 60s and 70s, we become more vulnerable to a range of diseases and ailments. So, what steps can we take to stay fit and healthy in our later years?

Habits for a longer healthier life

A study in the British Medical Journal, published January 8, 2020 provides more evidence that a healthy lifestyle can lead to more healthy years later in life. The study examined over 100,000 records of American nursing staff, over a period of 20 years. The conclusion was that: In terms of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer, …

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Doctor You

“Doctor You – Revealing the science of self-healing” was written by Oxford academic Dr Jeremy Howick. The author’s starting point is that many medical trials have shown that placebos can be as effective as some drugs. Amazingly, there’s even been a trial showing that ‘Placebo surgery’ on knees and spine can be as effective as …

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Healthy Life Expectancy

Life expectancy in the Western world has been increasing over recent decades, but the later years are often with some illness or disability, and in fact the “Healthy Life Years” or “Healthy Life Expectancy” has NOT improved, and even shows signs of declining. Health authorities are now increasingly concerned with raising that last measure, as …

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How Not to Die

How Not to Die

In “How Not To Die”, Dr Michael Greger addresses a whole range of diseases, including cancer, dementia, heart disease and strokes, gathering a mass of published evidence from medical trials. His conclusion is that it is possible to reduce the chances of getting these diseases, primarily by a change in diet. He says: “Most deaths …

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Telomeres are bits of DNA at the ends of each chromosome, and protect the chromosome during cell division. Over time, the bits of DNA get shorter, and it’s exacerbated by things like sun exposure. When the telomere is too short, it blocks cell division, and leads to aging of your cells, and thus to various …

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