About wotnext

I set up this website in January 2020, as a blog, to record my progress in trying to achieve a longer healthier life, mainly through diet.

The focus is on prevention of illnesses and ailments, and not on diagnosis or treatment, both of which should be referred to medical practitioners.

I’ve added what I think are useful links to other sites, published articles, news items, and books. It’s my hope that (a) I’m doing the best I can for myself, and (b) some of this may be helpful to others like me, in their 60s or 70s.

It’s very early days right now, so please view the site as under construction.

Suggestions for improving the site are welcome, using the Contact page.

This website wotnext.com is for readers in the US.

Go to wotnext.uk if you’re in the UK. Same content, but links may be more relevant.

Choose either site if you’re elsewhere in the world!