AI for Resume Scanning

A Daily Mail article on 25 June 23 revealed that studies in the US have shown that when you are overlooked for a job, it may well be an AI robot that has made the decision!

In days gone by, all job applications would be seen by a human, but in nearly all large companies now, the first screening is by AI. And if you don’t match what the AI is looking for, then your application goes no further.

The study suggests some ways to convince the AI to accept your application:

Keywords: it’s essential to include keywords that match the job being offered.
So first make a list of what keywords might apply, and be sure to include any that are in the job advertisement.
Then for each past experience or employment, include one or two keywords.
But don’t go mad and overdo it. The AI bots will see what you are doing and reject you anyway!

Layout: Keep it simple. Text with a few headings. No multiple columns or fancy fonts.

Length: Aim for a one- to two-page resume. Not too short and not too long

Be clear: If you previous job title is cryptic (eg. “Product Evangelist”) change it to something more meaningful and obvious to a robot. Be clear about your experiences, in simple language.

Of course, all this doesn’t get you the job, but at least it gets your resume to be seen by a human. And that’s quite an achievement!

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